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Custom T-shirt Printing in Toronto. Unmatched Quality.

Looking for custom t-shirts for your band, brand, corporation, or event? Need custom t-shirts printed for your business? Paranoid Print Company is a local, downtown-based business that creates custom t-shirts in Toronto.


A Few Of Our Clients

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Quality Custom T-shirts

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Beyond Screen Printing

Our services are not limited to screen printing and just t-shirts. We offer direct to garment printing (dtg) and custom embroidery for all sorts of apparel like polo shirts, hoodies, jerseys, jackets and more.

How It Works

In order to roll out top quality screen printed t-shirt products, we first need to understand your specific requirements and quantities before recommending styles and printing processes best suited for your custom t-shirt printing project. We have a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces per design.

We offer a variety of printing methods and Inks such as Plastisol, Discharge, Puff, Soft Hand, Metallic, Neon, Split Fountain, or even Glow in the Dark. These are just some of the inks and processes we have lined up for any custom t-shirt screen printing order. Get to know our methods below.

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We’ve worked with a wide variety of individuals and industries on their custom t-shirt screen printing projects. Fashion designers, musical artists, film and TV industry professionals, restaurants, cannabis entrepreneurs, and corporations have all trusted their merchandise needs with us.

At Paranoid Print Company we treat each project we take on with the same high standards that we apply to our very own successful PARANOID Streetwear brand.

Highlights of our Silk Screen Printing Service:

T-shirt Screen Printing is great for:

Family Reunions & local sports teams

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Local Entertainment Industry

Events & Promotions

Brand Promotions

Non-profit fundraisers & events

Franchise & Corporate Organizations

Fashion Industry

Film & TV industry

Musicians, Bands & Talent Agencies

Small Businesses

Cannabis stores and brands!

A Peak Behind The Scenes

To offer high quality customization options specific to our clients’ t-shirt screen printing projects we rely on our years of experience and our speciality t-shirt screen printing inks and processes. Please take a moment to explore which method(s) might be best for you:

Plastisol Ink:

Most widely used in screen printing as this ink is thick, durable, versatile and lends clear graphic detail. Print colours are an exact match along with steady colour consistency throughout the print run. Plastisol ink is fairly easy to mix and it’s long-lasting. The high density of this link prevents it from arching its low viscosity makes it a versatile to work with softer prints too. It offers a low gloss and flat finish!

practisol screen printing
discharge t-shirt screen printing

Discharge Ink:

If you are looking for something that’s vibrant yet soft, the discharge ink is the answer. This method involves the use of an activator that erases the colour of the fabric on demarcated areas and then replaces it with its pigments, making it a popular pick when working with 100% cotton. With this method it’s necessary to use a heat source in order for fabrics silk screened with discharge ink to fully cure.

Puff Ink:

This is a screen printing ink additive that once heat is applied to the ink, it raises from the fabric, somewhat like a freshly baked loaf of bread! Puff ink adds the layer of depth besides just art and colour to screen printing t-shirts.

puff ink screen printers
soft hand ink

Soft Hand Ink:

Popular in the retail space, this type of screen printing, as the name suggests, leaves you with a super soft garment. Easier on light and white garments/fabrics, the print looks more authentic and the feel is more natural. We tend to steer away from hard garments with this kind of printing.

Metallic Ink:

Metallic ink really knows how to make a statement! This method leaves is signature lustrous appearance by combining 2 main components - liquid resin and a metallic pigment. The pigment lend popular hues like gold, silver, rose gold and more! One of the benefits of metallic ink printing is its versatility to cling to a range of fabrics. Since the metallic particles mix with a traditional plastisol based, the technique works well on cotton and polyester blends.

metallic screen printing
glow in the dark screen printing

Glow In The Dark:

Literally making prints come alive in the dark! This method involves a phosphorescent ink that’s applied atop a light reflecting white underbase. This renders a high-gloss finish to the final product and of course takes the ‘cool’ factor up a notch!

Neon and Fluorescent Ink :

Neon Ink - Madonna’s favourite! Screen printing done with neon or fluorescent ink, gives out major retro vibes. Neon and Fluorescent works well with both light and dark fabrics. If you must go neon onto black, consider the amount of shirt coming through the design as that’s crucial for the print to look and pop well.

neon fluorescent t-schirts printing
distressed vintage screen printing

Distressed/Vintage Printing:

This method focuses on the finished look more than the process involved. This method of screen printing on a t-shirt gives you an aged, worn-out look that’s making a huge comeback in retail.

Spilt Fountain Printing

The split fountain technique, is popular when you want to create colour gradations, involves combining two or more colours on one screen. This screen printing method makes rainbows look perfect and psychedelic effects really pop!!

split fountain printing
pantone matching

Pantone Matching:

Who doesn’t like an exact colour match! The Pantone Matching System is the international language for accurate colour matching. It’s the most widespread reference guide for colour. This opens up the conversation and gives us the ability to give you the finished product with accuracy right down to every detail!