Art Requirements

Photoshop/Raster artwork

Photoshop:  Make art to size at 300ppi resolution. Save in .PSD format, CMYK colour mode. Files with each colour on its own Layer is helpful but not always necessary. File resolution should be at least 300 ppi at print size, and not exceed 600 ppi /dpi.

Raster artwork: .psd .png .jpg files created and saved at 300 ppi resolution at print size are acceptable.

Illustrator/Vector artwork

Make art to size. Save in .AI .EPS or .PDF format, CMYK colour mode. Create Outlines on all fonts. Convert all strokes to Outlines. Files with each colour on its own Layer are helpful but not necessary. Include any/all imported or placed images and graphic files. Avoid using Clipping Masks. Use the Pathfinder tool instead.

Print Size/Printing Area

For garment screen printing we currently offer a standard maximum image size of 12.5″ wide and 16.5″ tall.  15" x 19" for DTG printing. If you need to print larger please let us know the details and we can try to accommodate if possible.  Additional charges may apply.



Typography and Line Weight

For positive reading type, keep fonts at a 8pt minimum (12pt for Metallic ink). For knocked-out text, keep fonts at a 12pt minimum (16pt for Metallic ink). Final results will vary depending on chosen typeface.

Technical and Printing Specifics

Please let Paranoid Print Co. determine halftone size and angle. Paranoid Print Co. is not responsible for errors or unsatisfactory results caused by halftones created by the client. Please allow us to assist you if you’re not familiar with the screen printing process. Please proof-read any and all copy. Paranoid Print Co. is not responsible for mistakes in spelling. Paranoid Print Co. will not reproduce any imagery which you do not own the rights to.

TO AVOID ART FEES… Make each file on its own Layer (Photoshop & Illustrator). Convert all strokes to Outlines. Avoid using Clipping Masks (use the Pathfinder to keep shapes simple).

Art/Design fees are $60-$80/hour with a minimum charge of $60.  We will let you know in advance if Art/Design fees must be applied.